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Stop the carnage

DRIVING along Harare Drive from Rolfe Valley towards Enterprise Road is extremely dangerous! I will tell you what happened to me.

The time was about 9.55pm recently and there was no power in Glen Lorne, meaning the lights on Enterprise Road were out.

A stretch at th

e intersection of Enterprise Road and Harare Drive with no halt sign or white lines looks like a straight road and I overshot it, only to suddenly realise what had happened as I went over humps meant to protect school children.

I stopped, shaking like a leaf and thanked God that there was no traffic travelling along the road that night.
I survived by the grace of God.

Several drivers who do not know the area well have gone through  this experience.

I have been using the Enterprise Road since 1979 and at this intersection I have witnessed many accidents.

Surely it wouldn’t cost much to put up visible stop signs and re-paint the white lines clearly. The responsible authorities should spare a thought for the valuable lives they will save.

We pay rates and council should meet part of its bargain by giving us service that tallies with what we pay.

Very Scared,

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