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Moyo needs exorcism

IF it were not for the fact that I am an ordinary villager, I would have requested to join fired Information minister Jonathan Moyo for a bottle of champaign to celebrate his latest “victory”. He gave Gushungo (President Mugabe) a good on

e in the midsection, bringing his five-year flirtation with Zanu PF to an end with a bang.

I agree with Moyo that his expulsion removed a heavy burden from his shoulders. It was not only him alone who was relieved, but all of us who could no longer take the hogwash that seemed to ooze so endlessly from his calabash of mischief. Trying to run away from change, Moyo crashed into it. But the “immoral boy” does not seem to learn. He wants all of us to believe that he was doing national service during his years in cabinet.

Should we also say that the 5th Brigade was doing national service when they killed his father together with other innocent citizens?

We all know Moyo was deeply wounded by the “No vote” in the referendum of 2000 and only went into government to seek vengeance. He was however mistaken as to who exactly his enemies were. The result was he reached a record level of a “super patriot” and “super parrot” who put up an explicitly vulgar display of extreme confusion. He who fights poor suffering citizens only finds himself trapped in the invisible web of their prayers.

Moyo’s biggest mistake was his failure to identify the enemy. His enemies were the people.

I enjoyed his interview with Dumisani Muleya “Moyo bares it all”, (Zimbabwe Independent, March 4) and point out that what he had in common with Zanu PF was greediness. The problem came when he began to chew more than he was expected to, prompting vice-president Joseph Msika to label his conduct “immoral”.

Moyo needs serious exorcism to understand that no one can pose any worse threat to Zimbabwe than Zanu PF, and that no one can possibly do any greater mutilation to this nation than people like him.

Silent Tayaura,


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