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Highly unlikely that I will go solo

THE story written by Loughty Dube, “Coltart might go solo”, (Zimbabwe Independent, April 28) was inaccurate in two respects.

Firstly, in the political decisions I have to make at present (in the aftermath of the MDC split) I believe I have four options, as corr

ectly stated in the second paragraph of the article, namely to join the Tsvangirai faction, to join the Mutambara faction, to become an independent or to resign from formal politics and go back to civil society and human rights work.

I have never had the fifth option mentioned in the third paragraph by Dube, namely that of joining Zanu PF. That was never mentioned as an option to Dube  or to anyone else for that matter. I have not spent the last 23 years fighting fascism just to throw in the towel now!

Secondly, whilst Dube did qualify that the option of joining Zanu PF was “highly unlikely”, that was wrong as well. That phrase was used with regard to the option of becoming an independent.

I explained to Dube that that option was “highly unlikely” because of Zimbabwe’s constitution which makes it well nigh impossible for a person elected on the ticket of a particular political party to continue as an MP after leaving that party.

In the circumstances, not only did he attach the phrase to a wrong and non-existent option but the heading of the article itself was somewhat misleading. It is in fact “highly unlikely that I will go solo”.

David Coltart MP

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