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Caps owes us an explanation

CAPS United leadership owe us (fans) an explanation for the deals they struck with Energy Murambadoro, Cephas Chimedza and Brian Badza.

It is clear that the team leadership’s dealings with these players have led to local soccer being robbed of three of its biggest s


There is no doubt that Caps failed to act in the best interests of these players when they “slave traded” them to Israel and Belgium.

It seems Caps were only interested in the financial rewards they were to get from the sale of these players and forgot to negotiate better contracts.

Clearly, there is something wrong when players decide to come back to Zimbabwe instead of playing in Europe, which is after all the ultimate dream of most players in the country.

Caps officials owe us a big explanation for it is clear that the core of the national soccer team has had their careers compromised by the actions of money-hungry officials.

Reuben Tayengwa,

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