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Way forward for the MDC

EVERYBODY knows what has happened. Not that it was unexpected. What was painfully unexpected was the absence of Plan B.

Notable leaders have been noted throughout

history for their vision. Vision can be described as the ability to look into the fog of the future, and be able to read the terrain as accurately as possible, and work out how they would navigate the terrain once the fog cleared.

Those who can only plan their strategy when the fog has cleared, history has always relegated to the role of management, and not leadership. What has just happened cries loudly for a visionary.

I propose that we in the MDC should seriously consider merging with the NCA without delay with the view to finding a vision.

That way we will keep our trusted organiser and manager of the people, Morgan Tsvangirai, whilst at the same time continuing with the programme of regime change in Zimbabwe.

After all, the programme has always been the same but taken different routes. Think clearly on this.

Shupiko Mudzamiri,


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