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Some advice for Zanu PF

I KNOW Zanu PF is eager to win elections and through the Electoral Supervisory Commission’s voter registration that was all-encompassing in the rural areas, and issuing of identity documents to all and sundry in the same areas, it h

as already done more than half its task.

A few of the following hints would enhance its chances even better:

Political violence

*There is nothing as disheartening as seeing the police do nothing when violence is perpetrated by Zanu PF. This is why people would want foreign governments to intervene;

*Think of the youth forcing all and sundry to go and vote -— even the afflicted, the old and the lame. Although they will comply for fear of death, their curse for the party that sponsors those youths is beyond reproach;

*The Minister Without Portfolio should not be seen as having a portfolio of creating and causing violence wherever he goes;

*What use do the pungwes (all -night vigils) serve in a free Zimbabwe? In resettlement areas war veterans call for daily pungwes with no agenda at all but just to bother tired people in a bid to indoctrinate them in the Zanu PF ideologies.

Youth bases

*Those who man them then force people to donate towards their welfare. Some of these youths are known unrepentant criminals and the party cannot be clean when it is associated with such people;

*Forced gatherings where even schools, businesses and all other activities have to be stopped. Saka tirikupika jeri reZanu PF (So we’re serving a Zanu PF jail term) but remember human beings are the most dangerous creation because they reason. This is why the nuclear bomb was invented. Zanu PF should have foresight.

Zero tolerance to corruption

*People know today that public funds have been stolen. Parastatals have been looted by some individuals who have created their own business empires in the name of indigenisation.

Some party big wigs hold on to large tracts of land for speculative purposes while some of us have to be content with nothing at all. Take concrete action and let us see the results.

Changes in rural areas

*Make the following things work to levels at par or even better than pre-Independence days: clinics, dip tanks and roads.

Council bookshops should provide affordable stationery. The party should also desist from associating everything with Zanu PF as at gatherings where donations are handed over, party slogans are being chanted.

Things that are overdone end up angering people. There are thousands of Aids orphans going about hungry and naked. Where is the Aids levy going to and can’t we do something to help children looking after other children and grannies crying day and night, wondering what the world has come to?

Inefficient ministers

*Crimes are committed under their noses by their subordinates. So rampant and serious are the crimes that people begin to think they are committed with the blessings of such ministers.

Those who watch their subordinates commit such crimes involving public funds should not be recycled or ever heard of again. The move will restore public confidence.

Continual rise in prices

*Rises in school fees, fuel prices, clothes, building materials etc have been caused by flawed policies of government on indigenisation through placing strategic companies in the hands of thieves and inexperienced, greedy business people. The latter now own chain supermarkets, service stations, farms, banks, transport companies and even aspire to own mines. How can prices stabilise when it’s them everywhere? Let parastatals work to stabilise private businesses and be led by qualified honest people.

Erosion of our culture

*Prostitution is becoming a very serious social problem with its ugly consequences. How can it be controlled when there is no dress code and women walk virtually naked? Television is also promoting immorality through Kongonya (an erotic dance). Dresses should be long enough to cover a woman’s body, not the skimpy dresses that are worn today.

Too many foreigners

*There are too many foreigners resident in the country who have brought alien cultures which some of our people have adopted.

Some of these foreigners have reportedly brought diseases. See now how one nationality has brought the disease of makonye (worms).

Some of them also sell sub-standard motor spares which have grounded most vehicles while some have become ardent prostitutes.

It’s not far-fetched to say one day Ebola and the deadly Sars diseases will be upon us considering this “recolonisation” of Zimbabwe.

Take heed of some of these hints and see if they don’t produce desired results.



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