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Probe this plate racket

CAN an investigation please be instituted at the Southerton Police Station.

We wake up as early as 4:30am to queue to have our vehicles cleared for the new number

plates — what a killing some minister’s relative is making out of us. And we seem to have accepted it!

Come lunch time we still have not been attended to and they close for lunch between 13:00pm and 14:00pm.

However, during lunch time there is a “special queue” and the officers request money for lunch. This way you will have your vehicle cleared in no time.

The motorist in front of me, who didn’t have the bribe money was told by an officer to get him enough money for lunch from his relative in the UK.

Remember, the motorist was told: “This is Mugabe’s Zimbabwe”!

This clean-up operation seems aimed at punishing Zimbaweans who voted for change.

I never got my clearence from the police station because I left in disgust at what I witnessed.

We are going one way and it’s only us that can now effect change and I feel it is coming because we have had enough!

God bless Zimbabwe.



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