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Now tell us, where do the cursed ones go?

IT is with a heavy heart that I write this letter. Till when shall we keep on suffering like this?

The elections have come and gone with the same predictable resu

lt — a landslide victory for President Mugabe and his party.

What does it mean for us; more hunger, suffering and anguish?

Here in the diaspora things are no better. When Conservative leader Michael Howard campaigned about immigration, he did not talk about everyone else — Asians or Polish — but Zimbabweans.

They do not want us here. The bigger problem is that Poland has joined the European Union so the UK is awash with Polish labourers.

Theirs is a silent purge of all Zimbabweans in the industries in favour of Polish migrants. We thought we could be safe in the care industry because the Polish cannot speak English hence they are not favourable for that industry.

We were wrong. The immigration department is pursuing us all over. Any silly brush with the police may land one on the next flight home.

We cannot go home because there are no jobs, food, petrol, medicine — everything is scarce.

President Mugabe deals ruthlessly with dissenting voices. We can not stay here as well because no one wants us. Where do we go, can someone tell us?

Someone may say go home and remove Mugabe, but the time for dead heroes is gone. Some of us are orphans from the 1970s war.

Kufa Kurinani,


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