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Nothing to learn from them

GRACE Kwinjeh and Priscilla Mushonga (née Misihairabwi) cannot hope to win the hearts of Zimbabwean women by plucking paragraphs from text books and columns (eg the Mail & Guardian’s column by Everjoice Win sometime back), infusing the ac

ronym MDC and NCA here and there and presenting them as an inspired response to the challenge women face in Zimbabwe’s political dispensation.

Apparently, it appears this struggle to them is motivated by a desire to gain press and web coverage.

Their writing is similar to the music of PaxAfro, and it leaves Zimbabwean women unconvinced that they can carry the feminist flag high.

What pro-women values are we to learn from these childish pretenders? (Look at Priscilla pictured with a cellular phone in her left hand and Grace with head phones).

Certainly they are not the equivalents of Vice-President Joyce Mujuru and other women in Zanu PF. And they will never be in years to come! What Zanu PF has done, they failed to emulate despite being a “sincerely” modern democratic party.

That Zanu PF is patriarchal is testimony of the ineffectiveness of the women’s movement in Zimbabwe.

Msasa Project, Women’s Coalition and WIPSU are all donor-driven organisations that have been careful in ensuring that patriarchal dominance in politics is subordinate to 3-5 course meals in hotels and barbeque in rural schools.

They had better keep their mouths shut and embrace serious tenor in politics rather than embarrass themselves in international and other fora.

Hlalelo B Nkiwane,


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