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It’s the people, not MDC who lost

I RECEIVED the news that Zanu PF had won the Zimbabwean election with great sadness.

President Robert Mugabe says that the MDC must accept defeat with grace. Am I

the only one seeing that the MDC did not lose. Losers are the people of Uzumba and indeed all the people of Zimbabwe.

They lost a chance to get jobs so that they can stop being used by Zanu PF for a plate of sadza. They lost a chance to be able to feed their children. They lost a chance of attracting investment.

As the Zanu PF supporters celebrated their “win” the price of soft drinks, cigarettes and beer went up. Inflation is over 100% and the black market is running away with all the foreign currency. For Mugabe to insist that the MDC has lost shows that he has lost his soul to the devil.

I know that after Zanu PF supporters are through with their celebrations, they will return to their empty homes to face hunger. They will go back to the hospitals with neither drugs nor doctors. They will return to the fuel and mealie-meal queues. I hope that as Mugabe says, they will accept their defeat with grace.

Busani Moyo,


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