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Is it true only Zanu PF card-holders will vote?

MAY you on behalf of the Gwanda South constituency check with authorities running elections in the country whether it is true that all those without Zanu PF membership cards will not be allowed to vote in the March election.

This disturbing misinformation is being peddled by some notorious war veterans who are bent on instilling fear in people in an attempt to cow the community into voting for the ruling party.

It does not matter how many times Zimbabweans have had the opportunity to vote, most of the rural people still don’t know their rights and some unscrupulous people are capitalising on their ignorance. Added to that is the element of fear of the ruling party thugs that seems to be confusing these rural folks.

There is great need for voter education if these elections are to be taken seriously.

Please may the ruling party explain its position on this and point out who might have been behind it. We are tired of dirty politics and need tangible development now.


Gwanda South.

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