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Council putting our health at risk

Many people, even those residing in the Chisipite, Kamfinsa, Greendale, Highlands and Mandara areas, are probably unaware of the acute shortage of water experienced by traders at the Kamfinsa Shopping Centre.

The many and freque

nt cut-offs, sometimes lasting weeks, cause enormous problems to the traders who are being charged by the City of Harare for the supply of water to their premises and constitute a serious health hazard not only to them, but also to the shoppers.

Toilets cannot be flushed. Neither can hands be washed as frequently as necessary.

I bought some flowers recently and wondered what the foul smell was in my car, only to be informed that they had been standing in the same bucket of stinking water for a few days.

Often TM supermarket cannot supply bread owing to the lack of water with which to make it.

I don’t think any of us really cares about the squabbles between interfering ministers of government and properly elected members of the council, we simply want the services for which we are heavily charged and to which every ratepayer is entitled.

We do not want our health put in jeopardy because the current system of government — both local and national, cannot — for whatever reason — meet its commitment.

In future, everyone ought to note the number of days they are without running water and deduct an appropriate amount from their water charge. And the same goes for the non-collection of household garbage which is contracted to be taken away twice a week in this area and sometimes is not cleared for anything up to two weeks.



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