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Any chances of UN action on Zimbabwe?

THANK you Mr Editor for printing the excellent article by Mark S Ellis, “The time is now to indict Mugabe”, (Zimbabwe Independent, April 15), ending thus: “there is no impunity for those who commit crimes against humanit


Mr Ellis, executive director of the prestigious International Bar Association, London, is in a strong position to recommend action to the United States Security Council, as he suggests. He writes, “the UN Security Council should now turn its attention to Zimbabwe…” and “it should request the ICC (International Criminal Court) to investigate President Robert Mugabe…”

One can only ask whether Ellis has put forward such a proposal to the UNSC and, if he has, whether there is any/much likelihood of this august body actually taking action.

The United Nations consists of, amongst others, a large body of nations and representatives who consider that President Mugabe is a Messiah for freedom from white racist colonial oppression, and I will be interested to discover whether such an approach by the IBA to the UNSC would have any hope of success at all.

I am sure our president would laugh just as uproariously at the possibility as Tony Namate portrayed him doing in the same issue when British premier Tony Blair moved from Mugabe’s proximity at the Pope’s funeral ceremony.

However, Condoleezza Rice, US secretary of state was recently quoted saying: “As important an institution as it is, one has to say that there are some things that are not so great about the United Nations right now… The United Nations cannot survive as a vital force in international policies if it does not reform.”

Could be challenging times ahead!

PNR Silversides,


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