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Stop these silly takeover threats

THE threat by President Robert Mugabe to take over companies the government accuses of having a regime change agenda is sickening.

This government must learn from its mistakes.

If this government surely wis

hes to acquire these businesses, it must try sorting out the water crisis, electricity problems, fuel shortages and attend to mantainance of the roads and universities first.

They must show us their competence by providing us with good health care service. How about paying the teachers well or buying enough uniforms for police recruits who now have to buy their own training kits?

Why try and take the responsibility of running several companies when you can’t run one small ministry? They must at least put food on the table by profitably using the farms they took from the white farming community first.

We have had enough. We have walked through these policy deserts before.

Before Mugabe commits another Murambatsvina or price blitz atrocity let him be reminded that the people are truly suffering because of these panic policies.

We in the diaspora want to invest in our country, bring in new technologies and experience. We want a succesful and peaceful country. We want to come back home one day.

Courage Shumba,


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