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AT last. At least one civilised and democratic government has take some pro-active action regarding Zimbabwe.

Some siblings of chefs have been deported and given the opportunity to re-assimilate “Green Bomber” cultures at home af

ter being exposed to “evil Western civilised values” in Australia.

Records show that without the aid and support from Western nations like (but not limited to) some of those of the G8, USA, Canada, Britain, and Sweden, the Zanu PF regime would now be history, and their evil leaders would likely have already been incarcerated or even have no future prospects by long being at least two-metres underground.

Of course, the biggest “offenders” that have hypocritically supported the Zimbabwe regime of tyranny are the “free-loaders” embedded in United Nations and the European Union.

The USA and the UK are specifically joined in this listing of known Zanu PF regime abettors.

The UK has long been a haven for radicals that have a mission to undermine emerged and proven civilised values. Not surprisingly, the follies of their benign stupidity are now coming home to roost. That they have not been able to differentiate, filter-out and address global retrogressive persons or influences is a measure of the crass imbecility of their government leaders.

In the now morally bankrupt UK, it appears to be an offence to tell the truth in case someone complains that the real exposed truth is alleged to be “racist”!

Typically the above “regime abettors” still actually believe that Zanu PF claims that the nation has had 10 years of consecutive droughts.

They also seem to deny that their aid programmes largely end up in the pockets of Zanu PF hoodlums and other favoured state-enabled looters. They have not yet discovered that Zimbabwe actually does not need to grow any crops because Zanu PF cadres are known to joke about the mis-guided western humanitarian apologists will always feed the populace of the raped and abused nation!

The UN and Western governments are also well known to have histories for issue-avoidance, exaggeration or lying, incompetence, squandering, anti-white colonialist racism, crimes against humanity, cover-ups, corruption and incompetence.

Morally derelict, neutered and cowardly Western governments are severely afraid about telling the truth about Africa, and particularly about Zimbabwe in fear of allegedly being racist!

Australia stands head and shoulders above others who stand for applied democracy and human rights Britain was once described as a toothless tiger.

Well done Australia!

Looter Mpofu,

By e-mail.

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