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Let’s take a cue from Soweto Uprising for our freedom

By Keshor Chitambira

IT’S on record that Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono has made so many critics and is called by so many names.

>But ever since I discovered some element of dictatorship in the way he crafts his policies, I feel he really deserves such treatment.

We are dealing with a man who derives his hope from the Bible, and at the same time dealing with a failure that turns a man of cloth during a crisis.

Where are the seven years of plenty? Should we really trust this man anymore?

It seems we are sinking deeper in an economic morass but still expect miracles.

Today, Zimbabwe is at its worst socially, economically and politically. At the helm of the “Gonomics” we have a failure that continues to bulldoze business and promises hope like a politician, a man who tells the nation that inflation will come down to a single-digit level.

The hype over lopping of zeros and the hullaballoo over Project Sunrise seems to have come to naught. The project should instead be renamed Sunset Project.

We may try to look east or look up to the sky, but the truth is we need to cleanse the political scene.

Merely expecting results from failures will not get us anywhere. And to just hope God will intervene and do miracles will not get us anywhere. Neither will sleeping in our homes and waiting for others to do it for us nor telling Tony Blair and George Bush to go to hell.

We can only liberate ourselves from this madness by taking a cue from the Soweto Uprising.

Having suffered the worst inhuman treatment under apartheid, it started with the poorest section of society. And at the forefront were students.

They fought using everything at their disposal — even books.

Through the uprising the world was enlightened on their plight and as happens in any battle, there were casualties. But at the end of the day they achieved their goal.

As Zimbabweans, where do we go from here, can we afford to sleep and snooze?

Apa governor matikwidza ndege yemashanga (you have taken us for a ride).

The zeros will haunt you for the rest of your life. And just one question: Are your rural campaigns indications that you are aiming higher?

Keshor Chitambira writes from Glen Norah B, Harare.

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