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Let’s have a corporate governance watchdog

GIDEON Gono, I respect you because you are a man of intergrity, a tested and tried leader. Why not establish a corporate governance body in Zimbabwe?

I don’t know if I am addressing this letter to the right person but I be

lieve you have a big role to play in corporate governance issues in Zimbabwe. Companies are being plundered everyday and no one has the power to stop the people doing it except a watchdog. That body should watch how boards are structured in every company. The role of executive directors should be reviewed because they are the ones plundering company resources.

I know that you have at least one or two cases of corporate governance on your desk. I ask you to work on them and bring the culprits to book. No one is above the law. My soul bleeds when I see old men stealing in the presence of minority shareholders who seem to have no voice. The truth shall come out and the truth will always set us free.

I hope my point will be taken by you governor or the responsible ministry.


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