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Suspected cops brutally assault young woman

I WATCHED helplessly as two plain-clothed Avondale policemen brutally assaulted an innocent young woman at the intersection of King George and Argyle Roads at Avondale Shopping Centre around 9 pm on September 9.

The young lady wa

s with a female friend trying to find transport home from the movies, I presumed. As they were crossing King George Road to the bus stop at the corner of the King George Court office complex, they successfully flagged down a half-empty white kombi that was heading towards Greencroft.

The kombi was a private vehicle belonging to Avondale filling station as I later found out. On board were the two Avondale policemen and two other passengers, plus the driver.

The two young women tried to ask if the kombi was going to Greencroft, which infuriated the thugs who got off the vehicle and charged towards them.

Sensing danger, one of the girls managed to escape to safety on the other side of Argyle Road. Her friend, who was a lot heavier in build, was unable to run quick enough.

The two policemen, who were clearly drunk and shouting obscenities, started attacking her ferociously all over her body with fists, kicks and slaps. She shielded vainly as her cries for mercy fell on deaf ears.

When they had beaten the hell out of her, they left the scene and followed the kombi to the garage. With three other shell-shocked eyewitnesses, we tried to help the young lady, but she was sobbing heavily and was obviously in great pain, and her friend was too scared.

We got help from a Good Samaritan couple who had witnessed the attack while driving past into Argyle. They made a U-turn to investigate, and then offered to drive the two women home. We all agreed that they should first drive to Avondale police station to make a report, which they must have done.

One of the policemen who attacked her, a very huge and rugged man, is well-known around Avondale shops because he spends a lot of hours drinking beer at the two bottle stores near the garage. I’m told his name is Ganyata, and does not often dress in police uniform.

I appeal to your paper to find out from Avondale police station if a report was made against these two, and what sort of action has been taken against them.

Their action amounts to more than police brutality. It was a malevolent assault by criminals masquerading as policemen, with a plain intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

These two lunatics must also foot the woman’s medical bills, and then face criminal charges and dismissal from the force. — Eyewitness.

* Police spokesman Oliver Mandipaka had not responded to this issue at the time of going to print.

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