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Murambatsvina a brazen display of govt failure

By MD Kufakunesu

SOBER-mindedly speaking, one can see that Operation Murambatsvina was an accurately named operation.

Surely, our sunshine

cities had been reduced to heaps of rubbish. The pavements had been “uplifted” to the level of make-shift retail shops — a level they do not deserve.

But have you ever asked yourself why there was filth which was mercilessly scrubbled by Operation Murambatsvina?

The filth and disorderliness which was “sanctified” by some cabinet ministers entered our cities not so long ago.

It was due to the rural-urban migration triggered by government’s failure to provide for the rural populace.

The education for all, accommodation for all and health for all calls among other promises, turned to living nightmares.

In an endeavour to make these aborted promises a reality, people moved to the cities. The increase in numbers of the people, coupled with crippled service delivery, resulted in chaos and disorder.

However, a few months after the operation, the cities were infested with the very people who had been driven to the villages.

Even now the streets are full of street kids, shebeens and vendors while squatter camps are slowly but surely mushrooming.

A stroll around the streets of any city will give one a feel of what I mean. But was Operation Murambatsvina a solution?

I don’t think so.

To the designers and executers of Operation Murambatsvina, I say you lacked common sense because the operation is slowly proving to be a piece-meal solution.

The streets are teeming with chaos again. Government should have fulfilled its promises.

Frustrating people through mistimed and badly crafted operations is not a solution. In fact, it is becoming dazzling clear that the Zanu PF government lacks the basics in terms of governance.

Those in government should serve the people or step down. People who litter the streets with their wares in efforts to fend for themselves are a product of government’s failure.

Does government honestly think people would have moved to the cities if it had fulfilled its promises?

* MD Kufakunesu writes from Harare.

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