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Just to save your waning fortunes Morgan

AS a Zimbabwean in the diaspora, I have been following closely developments within the MDC and came up with my own causal analysis of the fallout within the party.

While it was easy for me to realise that party leader Morgan Tsvangirai erred by disregarding the results of

a democratic vote, there was a dilemma in that it appeared he had the masses on his side while secretary-general Welshman Ncube and his faction had principle and the law.

Tsvangirai lost the vote because he had no sustainable alternative to the voting process as the only way to remove President Robert Mugabe from power. The position remains as such unless he has another ace up his sleeve.

The matter is as clear as that, but why do I choose to revisit it now?

The entry of Arthur Mutambara into Zimbabwe’s mainstream politics, experience, political maturity, intellect and appeal will certainly galvanise the opposition masses. Indeed many people who agreed with Ncube’s position, but doubted his capacity to rally the whole country around his cause, will certainly return to the fold. I am one of them.

This state of affairs will most likely leave Tsvangirai in political limbo, which will be sad, considering the role he played in founding the opposition party.

For Tsvangirai to avoid being relegated to the dustbin of Zimbabwe’s political history, he must admit that he erred, apologise and embrace the olive branch extended by Mutambara. This way he can save his waning political career and also assist in moving forward the people’s struggle against Zanu PF oppression.

Kurai Masenyama,
Auckland Park

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