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I stand by all statements

I WOULD like to comment on articles which appeared in the Chronicle and the Herald on February 27, and the Daily Mirror of February 28.

In an interview with the Herald on February 25, I made some general comments on the relationship between Sweden and Zimbabwe and on poss

ibilities to move ahead towards increased normality regarding Zimbabwe’s relations vis-a-vis the international donor community.

I also explained and defended the European Union’s policy as regards Zimbabwe, including targeted sanctions presently imposed.

I stand by all statements attributed to me in the interviews.

It clearly follows from the interviews that, in my opinion, there can be no major policy shift unless major changes take place on the Zimbabwean side, particularly as regards governance. The rule of law must be upheld and human rights respected.

The Swedish policy as regards Zimbabwe has not changed; it is consistent and remains the same. There are no ambitions in the embassy to try to initiate any changes in the present EU policy vis-a-vis Zimbabwe.

Stan Rylander,
Ambassador of Sweden to Zimbabwe,

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