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Price controls have brought nothing but suffering

ALLOW me to express my great fear towards our policy makers in the manner in which they have destroyed our economy and dignity as human beings.

Price controls have left shelves empty, the owners cannot bring new orders because th

ey fear suffering the losses they did when the pricing madness began.

It is a shame to our nation which was once the bread-basket of Africa. It is believed that in every shop there is a security agent employed by the force of the government not at the will of the owner. Price controls were never meant to address the situation of prices, which were going up on daily basis, but to fix the owners as they are believed to be in support of the opposition.

By so doing they have promoted the black market because every basic need is found on the street and these people are not even arrested.

So what was the purpose of the price controls? To make people suffer more? To cause more businesses to shut down or to buy people’s votes? Only God knows.

Preaching what we do not practise — greed, selfishness and self-centredness has destroyed our beautiful Zimbabwe. God forbid! Open the eyes of our policy makers so that they can see how they destroyed our trust and hope in the development of our nation.

Think of all the skilled people who have left, the deterioration of our education, of our health delivery system to mention a few. Each day bears a burden upon the mothers of this nation as they think of where they can get food to feed their children. Price controls have brought pain upon our lives as ordinary citizens of this nation.



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