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MDC factions must unite for our sake

THIS is an open to letter Morgan Tsvangirai and Aurthur Mutambara. I hope the two MDC leaders read it.

Many of us dash to the Internet everyday to check the latest news on the fight for democracy in our motherland. We are workin

g abnormal hours to finance our kith and kin that are starving in Zimbabwe as we face all the ridicule, abuse and to some extent some racist and discriminatory remarks in these foreign lands.

Opportunities for acquiring new citizenship have presented themselves to quite a number but I tell you many have refused to sell their birthright and identity of being true Zimbabweans. We are together in the fight against repression in Zimbabwe.

Multitudes of Zimbabweans living overseas have saved money to come back home and invest to uplift the economy in the new Zimbabwe.

The nation should realise that in the absence of the diaspora community, which is arguably four million plus able bodied men and women, the current Zimbabwean populace could be history.

With all due respect of availing yourselves to lead the opposition I have this against you. I also speak on behalf of many on this side of the world. You have lost the reason and vision of a new Zimbabwe.

You have portrayed yourselves as wanting more of personal power than to empower us the ordinary Zimbabweans.

Your poorly calculated decision not to unite in the fight against repression, economic recession and political cancer leaves us wondering if you are true representatives of the people or you are also shareholders in the Zanu-PF stables.

Did you ever bother to consult the electorate on your decision or was it individual decisions? Our children will forever blame you for your selfishness as they have been born with double identities.

Whose interests are you representing at this point? To whom are you accountable?

Are you our leaders or have you turned to be bosses against us? Do you understand the consequences of disunity of purpose at this moment?

It’s not about who has a better following after the split, but it’s about the impact felt by ordinary Zimbabweans scattered all over the world.

Allow me to point out the meanings of your failure to have unity of purpose: you have signed a death warrant for our ailing grannies in the rural areas.

Their hope has waned and you have blown out the little light that was shining. You have shut the door for orphans, street kids, single mothers, widows, HIV and Aids victims to have a better life. You have alerted the young people to leave Zimbabwe as soon as possible because sooner than later, it will be a village. You have demoralised workers, employers and business leaders.

These are your financiers and support base. You have eliminated yourselves from victory in 2008 and postponed liberation of the people of Zimbabwe. You have said to a typical 12-year old or teenager, “This is all there is in life, you will never see any better.” Remember they were born in a sinking ship and they have never known any solid ground like you.

Gentlemen, please show us your maturity and lead us. Tsvangirai, if you are our leader please give a press statement or use the electronic media and enlighten the nation on why you have refused to unite.

Clear your name by being transparent. We have heard Mutambara’s side; we want to hear from you. A good leader informs his followers so as to build confidence in them.

Concerned Zimbabwean,


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