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Free Edison Hlatshwayo!

THE secretary general of Great Zimbabwe Students Executive Council Edison Hlatshwayo has been in remand prison since 27 September having been arrested under dubious allegations of inciting students. It remains his duty to lead students that gave him the mandat

e to speak and lead the union.

Following so many days in remand his health has since deteriorated to alarming levels and no-one knows what could happen to him putting into consideration the poor facilities that are a part of our prisons. Looking at him in prison garbs, handcuffs and leg irons you would mistake him for a first class murderer but alas he is a mere student leader who has dared stand for student rights.

As a students’ movement we feel that his continued incarceration is a deliberate move meant to instill fear and hopelessness in the generality of students.

Eddison is being used as an example to intimidate students in Zimbabwe. We however reaffirm that we shall not be cowed into submission by the current regime as long as the fundamental right to education is not respected. We shall continue to fight for our academic freedom. We will continue to espouse the values and principles that we want to see in a free society.

We seriously believe that “an injury to one is an injury to all”.

Lovemore Chinoputsa,

UZ Students Union President.

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