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The IMF must wake up to reality

By Walter Hurley

NOW that the IMF is back in town for consultations with Zimbabwean authorities one would hope that they will at last adhere to their charter and come to

terms with reality.

After nearly a year of their alleged “IMF transparency” we are yet to hear where the last surprise payment by the regime to the IMF actually came from.
In what is now a depiction of the erosion of general Western standards and values, not less than by the bean-counters from the IMF, no more do we hear about the suggested installation of good governance in Zimbabwe to save it.

Neither the Reserve Bank’s governor or the IMF now even bother to mention corruption and the evil disposition of the Zimbabwe government that has caused the downfall of the nation.

Gideon Gono, once said to be a proponent of restoration of law and order and the respect for property rights, is now silent on these matters. If one were to research his own wealth and history, there may be a bigger story to tell.
One has to remember that Gono could be considered as “royal game” — a protected and especially nurtured species who knows too much to be alienated.

The so-called anti-corruption campaign is a primitive joke. The facts are that high-level corruption as revealed to the Reserve Bank’s Investigation Unit has been ignored by that office.
Various confusing and contradictory policy statements continuously emanate from the regime.

Whilst there is a leadership and power struggle in progress, it is not difficult to filter out the primitive strategies of the aspirants and office bearers.

Playing the amateurish good guy versus the bad guy roles, Gono until recently provided window-dressing to the world that he may have some sane contributions to make to save the nation.

Naturally, he is powerless to influence change by the greedy or mentally-challenged geriatrics still hanging onto power. Now he is stalling on his promised review statement pending “consideration of advice” from the IMF! We can count on the fact that whatever he says in the coming days will not be adhered to by the real persons in control of the Zimbabwean circus.

Unless the IMF officials are brain-dead, many others know that President Mugabe has often told the IMF impolitely to get lost — we do not need them! (Perhaps he hallucinates that the enormous debt and the lack of specific performance debt will be written off!)

The rug is repeatedly pulled from under Gono’s feet by alleged radicals in the regime such as Didymus Mutasa and others who are clueless about the fact that government is supposed to respect the law and serve the nation.

Zimbabwe’s external debt exceeds US$2,2 billion. This excludes expected liabilities from pending international court cases for damages, theft and the like, and for millions of pounds that the government is liable for institutionalised looting from externally-based investors and from many citizens of the country.

Many have speculated as to how Zimbabwe still survives. There are many answers that include the fact that the government does not pay its debts, theft and conversion of national and private assets, aid from pariah states, the conversion of enormous sums of alleged unmonitored donor aid money, and the willful violations of international laws such as Bippas that Mutasa says are not worth the paper they are written on.
What Western nations and related institutions finally need to come to terms with is that:

* The president has continuously failed in proper service and diligence to the nation, and the only way he can keep support is by enabling evil, looting, corruption, human rights abuses, and the local and intentional breakdown of proper law and order;

* The state has institutionalised and legitimised extortion, lying and fabrication, corruption and widespread criminal conduct. The beneficiaries of this accommodation is naturally reserved for the solidarity elitists riding on the party faithful gravy train;

* Corruption and evil emanates from the top down. Politburo comrades, judges, magistrates, ministers, Zanu PF parliamentarians, civil servants, police and militia forces can generally be considered to be totally corrupt or to be devoid of moral principles. They hold their offices only out of hand-out patronage provided “solidarity” is returned together with loot sharing. There is no prospect whatsoever of proper law application when the related institutions are wholly corrupt and self-serving;

* Zimbabwe has stolen, mortgaged or sold most of its assets to survive a while longer;

* Zimbabwe has no prospect whatsoever of ever serving its enormous local and global debts. The IMF must now count its losses;

* In view of the conduct of this regime consideration of debt forgiveness and further aid of any kind by woolly-minded Western deadbeats should terminate forthwith. Zimbabwe has brought about its own demise.

Most citizens of the country are actually complicit since they have cowardly succumbed or often willingly joined with the corrupt retrogressive regime. The “useless” United Nations and the boot-lickers of the West have effectively sponsored the addiction to blame-passing, hallucination, begging and dependency syndrome in Zimbabwe.

* Mugabe continues to cash in on the stupidity of the West. He is at least twice smarter than Bush, Chirac and Blair put together.

* The regime will never voluntarily give up its evil ways. Naturally this is because the associates are so steeped and dependent on their patronised power and looted wealth the prospect of local or international prosecution is unpalatable to them.

* Zimbabwe is now a certifiable failed state that is clearly beyond rehabilitation for a long time in terms of modern civilisation.

* The intellectual assets of the nation have long since fled to better and saner pastures — not much is left of capable intellectual resources.

* The life support aid mechanisms from the West should be pulled out of the Zanu PF polluted Zimbabwe near-death cadaver.

* Zimbabwe should deservedly be booted out of the IMF, and that its debt should be forthwith demanded to be serviced.

* Let the inevitable meltdown now be stimulated and life started again after the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Hurley writes from Pretoria, South Africa.

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