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Let’s have Gono for president!

WHAT an extraordinary man we have in the Reserve Bank governor!

Did you hear or read his latest speech on the delayed mid-term monetory policy?

Zimbabwe can hardly afford not to have Gideon Gono for presid


With him at the helm, we will not just have a one-party state, but a one-man show! Just think of all the precious taxpayers’ money that will be saved. We won’t need any minister of finance anymore, nor ministers of agriculture, mines, commerce or industry.

We probably won’t need a cabinet at all, as he obviously can run the whole country single-handedly.

No more apologies will be required for his quasi-fiscal policies, as they will automatically become the real thing — plain fiscal policies.

Gono can most likely do without a senate, and will probably scrap parliament too, thus saving even more money as instead of the one hundred or so rubber stamps that are presently in use he will only need one — himself.

An extraordinary man indeed!

Man-date, Bulawayo.

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