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Bring proper education back

I AM 15 years old and I have asked my brother to help put this together.

I am looking forward to writing my ‘O’levels next year. However, I am worried about writing exams under the discredited Zimsec exam system.

As I study, I look at my brother’s ‘O’ and ‘A’level certificates and curse being born late to be educated under such a system. As children we are taught that old people are wise but I question the wisdom in changing our system to such a poor system that our education and exam standards are so pathetic. I pity the children who regard such men as their fathers.

I have a dream that one day a new government will bring in a new education minister who knows what they are doing. Only then will our education system be solid and we would be measured against Australians, Singaporeans, the British and other progressive nationalities.

I have a dream that after Aeneas Chigwedere, my teachers will go back to being the respected middle class lot that they once were. I urge whoever takes over from the current regime to go back to basics in as far as high school education is concerned.

Ronald Murefu,


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