Kota Fest excites Mlue Jay

SOUTH African based rapper Mlue Jay

SOUTH African based rapper Mlue Jay says his debut Kota Festival performance was a dream come true.

The rapper performed before thousands of fans last week at the festival in Johannesburg alongside Big Zulu and Blaq Diamond.

“Kota Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Mzansi and I was grateful to perform there,” Mlue Jay said.

“The crowd sang along when I didn’t expect them to, thinking people don't know me.

“Before I got on stage I was shaking, scared asking myself if I was going to kill it but the minute I got on stage all the fear just vanished and I was like this I have been dreaming of my whole life, performing in front of thousands of people.”

Mlue Jay cited patience as a virtue in the music industry.

"I learnt that patience is key, I was supposed to be on stage at 4pm, but then the line-up kept on changing and I had to wait,” he said.

“I thought I was not going to perform till the promoter told me to relax and be patient as they wanted to give me a prime time slot which was 8pm.”

Mlue Jay recently released his second album titled Less Talk, More Action.

“This is a big one for Less Talk more Action as I really proved that I am doing less talking and more action,” he said.

“Some of my mates I started with still dream about those big Stages, but God made it possible for my dream to come true.

“I have a lot of performances lined up for this year and I feel like I will make it hard for people to ignore the work I am putting in.”


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