Chics’ Galaxy: Passion Java impregnates Yolanda Makaya?

Yolanda Makaya

CONTROVERSIAL man of the cloth Prophet Passion Java is at  it again after he reportedly impregnating Yolanda Makaya if the model's recent Instagram rants are anything to go by.

Yolanda, a sister to Hillary Makaya who recently announced her engagement has been posting on Instagram that she is pregnant and is not in a cordial relationship with the father of the baby.

"I don't know why y'all are buying time. The baby is coming- what are you going to do about that?," she wrote.

Yolanda came out guns blazing; exposing Java after her sister Hillary had announced her engagement to a mystery man.

"How as a married man of God can you ask a girl to marry you and get her sister pregnant?," she posted.

Makaya added that Java had paid bloggers not to talk about the issue.

"So this person has probably paid blogs to start speaking negatively about me and they are trying to twist the narrative to fit them.

"I will come out and say this although I thought it was obvious, the person I am speaking of is Panganai Java," she posted.

When Hillary Makaya got engaged, many were kept guessing who the mystery man was. But with these developments, it seems Yolanda might be insinuating that Java could be the mystery man behind the rock on Hillary's finger.

Java could not be reached for comment.

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