Letter to my people: There is huge trouble in the cockpit

Vapostori4ED branded car

My Dear People,

In a country where 90% of the population is estimated to be jobless, it makes sense for citizens to jump at any opportunity where there is a promise for easy money.

Since Ngwena and his Lacoste staged the coup against Baba, tens of thousands of people have lost their sources of income as companies close down and university graduates are increasingly finding it difficult to secure decent jobs.

Those who cannot afford to enrol for nurse aid courses in order to join the great trek to the lands of the imperialists, they simply join the ranks of informal traders or turn to crime as evidenced by the spike in armed robberies.

Others are taking advantage of Launchmore’s lack of popular support within the hijacked Zanu PF shell to create parallel structures that pretend to be campaigning for his re-election in 2023.

They started with MenBelievED, an outfit that was behind the failed solidarity march that we were told was meant to show us that Launchmore was very popular among the masses, and the list keeps growing.

Now we have Vapositori for ED, YoungWomen4ED, Teachers4ED and Hwindis4ED.

This past week, we witnessed the launch of Health Workers for ED.

In the invite to journalists for a press conference in Harare, the group said its objectives included “depoliticising health workers’ working conditions.”

In the same breath, the group said it was “endorsing ED as our candidate for 2023”!

The charlatans would not be bothered by the obvious contradictions as long as they get their stipends.

It was also curious that the group was launched on the same day news surfaced that the government was abandoning its traditional way of paying civil servants annual bonuses.

The Lacoste government says it will now pay its incapacitated employees bonuses based on performance.

One wonders how this will work in a polarised environment where government mandarins spent the entire year doing witch hunts against workers who were failing to report for work because they did not have adequate bus fare.

It’s a recipe for disaster. This could partly explain the mushrooming of these groups among civil servants pledging their loyalty to Ngwena.

They don’t want their bonuses to be interfered with.

For those of us who are familiar with Zanu PF, the emergence of parallel structures is an indication that serious trouble is brewing in the cockpit.

General Kheddah must be causing some people sleepless nights, hence the pressure to potray Ngwena’s influence as growing beyond Zanu PF to capture professionals such as health workers and teachers.

What I can only say for now is that it will end in tears. Zimbabweans, who are streetwise, will be smiling all the way to the bank ahead of the 2023 elections.

All you need to do is create a phony organisation, for instance call it Amakorokoza 4 ED, pledge support for ED and you are in the money.

Someone at Dead BC has finally noticed former MDC MP Tongai Matutu’s tireless twerking for Zanu PF on social media.

Dead BC on Friday tweeted: “Matutu apologises for playing a part in the sanctioning of Zimbabwe.”

The Zanu PF mouthpiece went on to quote a tweet by the former opposition legislator claiming that he was paid millions for his “treachery”.

However, judging by his level of desperation demonstrated by his tweets seeking Zanu PF attention, he doesn’t appear like someone who has handled millions in his life except during Gono’s heydays.

Instead he appears to be singing for his supper like all the opposition rejects that are now seeking to join the feeding trough such as Gutu, Chebundo and Timveous.

To think that some of these people were once ministers!

Anywhere brace yourself for more bizzare stories as we draw closer to the so-called Anti-Sanctions Day later this month.

That more soldiers and police officers are being linked to armed robberies targeting businesses across the country should worry the pretenders to the throne.

Last week a police officer and soldier appeared before a Harare magistrate charged with the armed robbery that took place at ABC Auctions where police say close to US$1.4 billion in cash and jewellery was stolen.

The previous week a group of soldiers were arrested before they could raid business in Birchenough and that came hard on the heels of the heist near Bulawayo where gold worth thousands of dollars from How Mine was stolen.

There were unconfirmed reports that members of the security forces were involved in the heist.

During Baba’s time soldiers and police officers were only notorious for human rights violations, but under Lacoste we are seeing serious indiscipline taking root.

It is a clear indication that this country is on autopilot and we are hurtling towards a very dangerous state of affairs.

Ngwena is only interested in accumulating wealth for his family and many children.

He is not concerned about the security of the ordinary person and this is why I get angry when I see professionals such as nurses and doctors twerking for this mediocrity.


Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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