Wangu Mazodze a club on a mission to conquer Zim football

Wangu Mazodze FC (Eastern Region Divison One)

THE owners of FC Wangu Mazodze are on a mission to conquer local football — both on and off the field.

After first establishing FC Wangu Mazodze which is based in the Zifa Eastern Region Division One, the owners unveiled another one which bizarrely named Wangu Mazodze City in the Central Region Division One this year.

The club owners, led by Wangu Mazodze, who is based abroad, are planning to set up two more clubs at Division One level.

FC Wangu Mazodze was involved in the promotion race last season before the ticket was won by Bikita Minerals via the boardroom.

One would have thought after establishing Wangu Mazodze City which is based in Redcliff, the medical doctor had enough on his plate, yet he is not stopping there.

There are plans to add two more teams to the family in the Northern Region Division One as well as the Southern Region.

 According to club chiefs, they are at an advanced stage negotiating for a franchise with an undisclosed team from the Southern Region.

Club chairman Trevor Chateuka, who runs both clubs, said they were financially prepared to expand their brand across the major leagues.

"We took that bold move to establish a team in the Central Region. It's not that we are desperate to gain promotion into the Premier Soccer League," Chateuka told The Sports Hub.

"But we want to make an impact in these footballers' lives. We want to have more teams playing professional football.

"At the moment, we are at an advanced stage negotiating with a team from the Southern Region. We should be able to complete the deal soon.

"As for the Northern Region, we haven't had any luck. Hopefully, we will make a breakthrough soon so that our goals are achieved."

Asked what they would do if both of their teams in the Central and Eastern Region get promoted?

Chateuka said: "Our sponsors are prepared to sponsor the teams. Their concern is to have more youths having something to do, than ending up in drug and substance abuse.

"At the moment, the team in the Eastern Region is doing well compared to the one in the Central Region.

"But if they both happen to get promotion, we'll be ready to have them play in the top-flight at the same time depending on what the statutes say.

"The main goal is to help the footballers of today get something to do. Our goal is to make an impact in the lives of youths."

Both teams are gunning for promotion in their respective leagues, with FC Wangu Mazodze doing well compared to their Central Region counterparts.

FC Wangu Mazodze currently sit at the top of the pile in the Eastern Region Division One.

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