Letter to my people: The mystery of the Ngwena nickname

This story behind the nickname has changed so much that I have lost count. I can no longer make head or tail of what is real and what isn’t. 


My Dear People,

One of the biggest mysteries in this country is where the nickname Ngwena came from.

This story behind the nickname has changed so much that I have lost count. I can no longer make head or tail of what is real and what isn’t.

Initially, we were told that he was a member of the crocodile gang during the liberation war and that is how the name came about.

We all remember how that story fell apart thanks to Cde Cross’s book on the man.

Speaking of which, where is that book by the way? It was forgotten as soon as it was published.

But I digress. In an interview recently, Launchmore revealed that he got the name from his character as a patient person during the war.

He said he was patient and calculating.

They are trying very hard to build a myth about Launchmore, but they are failing terribly because their stories lack consistency.

Nero’s CCC are planning to hold a rally today and as per regulations, they dutifully wrote to the police seeking permission.

The police basically told them you can have your rally, but you can’t have your rally, kkk.

The police placed onerous regulations on CCC to almost make it impossible for the party to proceed with its rally.

However, you never see such regulations for Zanu PF or even Dougie’s party.

Dougie’s party held a rally last week and his supporters, all three of them, were allowed to do as they pleased.

Then these people have the temerity to call themselves a new dispensation.

To make matters worse, videos have emerged of police officers torturing and humiliating CCC supporters.

We literally have gone backwards as a country and it’s quite a sad sight to see.

If Zanu PF can resort to violence for by-elections, most of which will be held in opposition strongholds, then imagine what will happen in elections next year.

Opposition members must prepare for a very difficult few weeks.

The arrest of Tendai Biti for no reason is a sign that worse is on its way.

In a normal country you would expect that the police officers, who tortured the CCC supporters will be arrested, but don’t hold your breath.

What kind of people resort to torturing other people.

To this day, Zimbabwe is yet to ratify an international convention on torture.

Who can tell me what Sis Thoko is up to these days? She’s really confusing me.

Sis Thoko led the decimation of the MDC Alliance and made herself a legislator.

Now we see Welsh and Abednico taking pictures with her and we hear that talks of a possible union are on the table.

I know the philosophy could be to get all available votes, but a union with Sis Thoko could be tricky for CCC and might not be popular with some members.

Just a few years ago she was feeding fish with Launchmore and now she’s telling people not to vote for Dougie and Zanu PF.

Anyway, I’m no longer a politician and I would like to see how this one plays out.

Speaking of Sis Thoko, some five years or so ago she began a campaign that involved the beating of pots.

I think only one demonstration was held and that was the last time we heard of the pot beating campaign.

Ironically, the pot beating demonstration back then was started when Sis Thoko had a fallout with Morgan.

Now that she has had a fallout with Dougie, Sis Thoko is reverting to her tried and tested method of demonstration.

I saw there was a lot of excitement on social media when a list of equipment from our business was put up for auction.

I heard people speculating that I have probably hit on hard times and the equipment was being sold off to pay some debts.

Some even thought that I had run out of money and needed a few dollars to finance my shopping sprees.

Anyone who thinks that must stop it.

That is very old equipment and if you take a closer look you will realise that most of the stuff was listed as non-runner or had limited functionality.

We are selling that stuff because we need to open up space for new equipment that we will be buying soon, kkk.

In fact, our business is getting stronger by the day.

Tomorrow we celebrate Baba’s day. Zanu PF have tried to airbrush him out of Zimbabwe’s history but they will not succeed.

Baba was a good man and history will be kind on him.

I will be failing as the face of G40 if I do not mention the unfortunate death of Sarah Mahoka in a road accident. MHDSRIP.

Many of you will remember Mahoka as that fearless cadre during my interface rallies, who exposed that Ngwena was just a paper tiger.

He had to run to the military after we outmanoeuvred him politically, kkkk


Gushungo Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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