Zim investment, repatriation conference set for Joburg

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THE African Development Consortium (ADC) formerly known as the Migrant Workers’ Association (MWA-SA) has organised a conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, on investment and repatriation at a time when Zimbabwean nationals face an unclear future in that country.

 The conference will be held on November 10, 2022, in Boksburg to facilitate bilateral business engagement between South Africans and Zimbabwean businesspeople based in South Africa.

“The conference seeks to encourage those that have passed the age of being employable to consider venturing into business using the money saved or the money received as benefits. The conference shall also launch the Zim-SA Business Facilitation Forum,” ADC chairperson Butholezwe Nyathi said.

He said officials from the South African and Zimbabwean governments were expected to attend.

“The contemporary migration problem is not, given its dimension and complexity, solely the problem of migrants themselves, but that of the entire community of nations.

“As such, there has been general agreement that the problem requires a comprehensive approach within a framework of increased State responsibility and international co-operation, solidarity and burden-sharing by all stakeholders involved,” Nyathi said.

“ADC advocates for voluntary repatriation as the possibility of mass deportations hovers over thousands of migrants currently based in South Africa. ADC, therefore, seeks to create a platform of engagement with various relevant stakeholders to facilitate a peaceful, voluntary and transparent process through an interactive Investment and Repatriation Conference.”

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