Kaputen preaches morality in latest gospel-mbira album

Adrian Kaputen says his latest gospel-mbira album GODcultureAfrica seeks to preach moral uprightness in African communities.

MULTI-TALENTED artiste Adrian Kaputen says his latest gospel-mbira album GODcultureAfrica seeks to preach moral uprightness in African communities.

The nine-track album, co-produced by Mugumisi at the Tishbite Records and Victor Davison, which touches on themes of social construction, hope and praise, features seasoned songbird Tariro neGitare and Vuyo Brown.

“The prosperity of African countries can only be realised through hope, faith and commitment to do what is morally and ethically correct. This is the main message on my latest album,” he told NewsDay Life & Style.

The album opens with a mbira instrumental, GODcultureAfrica,  followed by the second track Chiyero which speaks on a life aspect whereby an enemy tries to hinder one from reaching their desired goal.

Track number three, Hope speaks on optimism for a better life and good health which everyone cherishes. The song is a cry to God for everything people hope for since He is the sole provider of their needs.

The song revolves around the same meaning with track number four titled Kuvakidzana that has a full spirit of mbira performance, vocals, percussion and hosho rendition.

In Kuvakidzana, the singer envisages a better society where people live harmoniously and develop a strong chemistry through the love of God.

The song emphasises that the power of God should be seen among the people, hence becoming levity.

The other tracks on the album are Wemasimba (featuring Vuyo Brown), African Praise, Mufaro Wangu and Mbiri which features Tariro neGitare.

“The song Mbiri is inspired by the book of Psalms 20 verse 7 that some trust in horses and chariots, but people should keep themselves focused on the cross, highly exalting and glorifying His name.  In modern society, some trust in their businesses, external powers and forget to glorify God,” Kaputen said.

The musician, who has showcased at various platforms that include the Magitare Africa Acoustic nights and Fete de la musique festival, said he was optimistic that this year he would have more tours.

“Performing at the Fete de la musique festival was a great experience on the international stage, rubbing shoulders with great artistes such as Vinnie Mak, Farai Matake, Letoya Makhene and Brenda Mntambo,” Kaputen recalled.

“At the festival, I learnt to be bold and more confident on different stage set-ups and the reception during our performance was overwhelming as people loved our performance.

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