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Vital tips for a pleasant air trip

It is, without doubt, the most wonderful time of the year. We are not talking about Christmas (and we apologise to all the fans of the well-known song), but about the holiday season, when most people abandon their static daily routines and move abroad briefly, for trips or holidays of varying lengths, in order to unplug from their city commitments and immerse themselves in a relaxing, sunny and serene atmosphere, perhaps by the sea, or in the enchanting freshness generated by the best mountains.

Travellers return

Those who have the opportunity to travel, or to take a break from work, will undoubtedly try to make the most of the period between July and August, joining the swirling stream of human beings who crowd halfway around the world’s airports with their suitcases, their wide-brimmed hats and their ever-present sunglasses, as if they were already on the beach like a classic tourist. But less experienced travellers, or in any case all those who are travelling for the first time (perhaps as a result of the terrible two-year Covid-19 period), may find themselves in the position of making a few mistakes or forgetting something essential to fully enjoy their trip.

Sometimes, a few little tricks could help anyone, even the most experienced travellers, to enjoy every stage of their journey, starting with the plane flight.


The first rule for enjoying air travel is quite banal, and it has to do with water. If you are going to be on a long journey, perhaps even ten or twelve hours, we suggest you stay constantly hydrated and take at least one bottle of water with you to consume on board. Once an hour, go to the bathroom and wet your face with some fresh water: this simple operation will help you feel better in a matter of moments try to avoid alcohol as well. The second rule essentially concerns food: on board a flight you should avoid eating food that is too calorific, giving priority instead to fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably cut into small pieces.

An excellent ally for your travels on aeroplanes is dried fruit, which will be able to nourish you in a healthy and light way, without weighing you down too much. Try to trigger a state of deep mental calmness by listening to quiet and relaxing music, as if you were entering a state of deep meditation.

Mental calmness, combined with continuous moisturisation of your body and face – even through a moisturising cream that you should always keep on hand – can have wonderful effects on your well-being while on the plane. Speaking of moisturising creams, you shouldn’t forget those for your lips too: during longer flights, such as intercontinental flights, it can happen that your lips dry out, producing an uncomfortable physical sensation. By keeping a case of lip and face moisturiser with you, you will be wonderfully equipped for any flight, even the longest, and you will always feel fresh and hydrated for the duration of the trip.

The traveller’s well-being on board an aircraft is also closely linked to the various forms of entertainment offered by the airline, such as TV shows or films that can be viewed on the screen positioned directly in front of the passenger.

Especially during longer flights, these entertainments can greatly help people to keep themselves engaged with interesting content, or even with more than one if the journey is particularly long. Some airlines also offer the possibility of connecting to the Internet, thus having the entire universe of possibilities offered by the Net at one’s disposal. In the event that the entertainment offered by the airline is not satisfactory, people can always take refuge in the numerous opportunities offered by the Internet, particularly with regard to entertainment. An alternative activity to those offered by the company is online video games or the interesting opportunities linked to the world of gambling and online casinos.

Each player can in fact find a wide selection of casino games carefully selected by experts, perfectly safe and able to accompany each person even on their longest journeys, keeping their attention and concentration at an optimal level. The possibility of accessing more and more exclusive deposit bonuses, such as the one-dollar bonuses, further enhances the enjoyment of the entire gaming experience, making it truly unmissable.

The possibilities of spending a few pleasant hours on the plane are all in front of you, perfectly accessible and enjoyable to all. Those who choose to sleep, after all, will miss a valuable opportunity to have fun and learn more about themselves.

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