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Economic empowerment group targets idle mines

Sydney Kawadza/Lorraine Ndebele
MASHONALAND West-based businessmen going under the moniker “MenBelieveED” have plans to take over mines that have been lying idle in the province since the turn of the century as Zimbabwe’s economy suffered under hyper-inflationary conditions.

The Mashonaland West province boasts of several mineral deposits along the Great Dyke mountain range, including, platinum, gold and chrome.

However, several mining companies involved in exploiting the vast mineral deposits in the area dropped their activities due to volatile economic conditions in Zimbabwe.

In an interview, MenBelieveED provincial chairperson for Mashonaland West Elija Tambala said businessmen in the province have enough muscle to take over mining activities abandoned by conglomerates over the years.

“The main challenge we had as miners was being paid in local currency when we were buying all inputs in foreign currency but since we are getting United States dollars we are also able to buy mining equipment to compete with the big mines,” he said.

“Government is providing foreign currency for the miners and we are also receiving support. We are prepared to take over the big mines. The previous owners, who were foreigners, used to produce a lot of minerals and nothing can stop us as local miners from achieving better.”

Tambala’s sentiments were also echoed by the MenBelieveED national spokesperson Timothy Nyakudzuka during the same interview.

He dismissed reports that the movement was linked to Zanu PF adding that anyone who wanted to support Mnangagwa’s vision was welcome to join in.

“As MenBelieveED, we are getting people from all spheres, we are not a political party, but mainly when you look at MenBelieveED, we have business people, we have students, farmers and people that cut across all sectors which are not rallying anything political but we are just dealing with facts,” Nyakudzuka said.

He said Zimbabwe has been politicising everything culminating in a  polarised country.

“Three-quarters of our activities are not funded by any politician. Even the President is not even funding us. We have empowered business people who are also partnering with MenBelieveED to fund our activities,” he said.

The movement, according to its vision, would also promote several unknown tourist attractions so that communities benefit from such natural resources.

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