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How UNICEF Is Helping To Improve Education In Zimbabwe?

United Nations International Emergency Fund or UNICEF is known for working on humanitarian and providing digital aid to children across the globe. Since its inception, it has helped children of many countries by providing them with the support to complete their education along with providing them with an environment where they can continue their education. UNICEF plays a key role in the education system of the country. It is linked with Zimbabwe for the UN Development Plan for the country, Zimbabwe National Development Strategy I and SDGs. When it comes to the education system of Zimbabwe, UNICEF is particularly doing its best to help improve education. 

How UNICEF Is Improving Education In Zimbabwe?

Firstly, UNICEF has contributed to developing the Education Sector Strategic Plan for the time frame of 2021-2025 in Zimbabwe. In addition to that, it is providing technical support in developing the School’s Financing and Early Learning policies. The Inclusive Education Policy that it is working on has entered the finalization stage and the National Curriculum Reform has been successfully rolled out in the country. 

UNICEF has also supported School Improvement Grants in Zimbabwe. Through this grant, it has provided support to 4,795 disadvantaged schools which have benefitted 1,765,101 learners. Such grants are helpful in ensuring that the students can prepare themselves to land Government Jobs if they want to; by ensuring they pass the Sarkari Result with colourful marks. Also, it has been helping children with disabilities by providing them with assistive devices. To be precise, assistive devices have helped 12,278 children in the country. To further improve the learning opportunities for children, it printed Open and Distance Learning Modules that have helped more than 150,000 children. Such modules have particularly benefited out-of-school children and children with disabilities. 

UNICEF together with Education Development Fund has developed and supported the recording and broadcast of lessons to more than 1,000 radio losses and 40 television lessons. This step was particularly helpful for the children during the pandemic. The fund helped more than 1.7 million children in Zimbabwe by ensuring the continuance of the lessons. UNICEF has also created a digital learning platform for the children to continue their education remotely, which was a must during the pandemic. 

The organization has further enhanced the quality of education in the country by printing and distributing more than 2.4 million copies of sixth-grade textbooks. 

The Achievements Of UNICEF In Zimbabwe

The achievement of UNICEF in improving education in Zimbabwe can be best understood with some numbers. UNICEF has provided 12,300 children with disabilities with assistive devices that reduce the hurdle for the children to continue their education. The Open and Distance Learning Modules distributed by UNICEF have helped 150,000 children. The School Improvement Grant received support from UNICEF and that directly benefited 1,765,101 learners. Further, the organization created a LEarning Passport by collaborating with the government, TelOne and Microsoft. This gave 80,000 children the access to engage in digital learning. 

The Learning Passport Zimbabwe successfully covered the curriculum of primary and secondary school and gave the children a way to continue their formal education. UNICEF has also helped Clearwater School in Chipinge by providing tents to schools. While commenting on the same, the headmaster said that UNICEF has helped to make teaching and learning easier by providing the school tent. Not only UNICEF has provided them with tents but also other educational accessories for the students and teachers like pens, exercise books, dusters and textbooks. Many schools rely on the donation made by UNICEF to make learning easier. 

UNICEF has also distributed sanitary pads to the students to restore their dignity. This has benefited the girl students to continue their education even during their periods. The organization is also trying to bring in the concept of Green School in Zimbabwe by implementing solar power in the schools. 

In the future, UNICEF will continue working towards improving the education sector and health sector of Zimbabwe. The plan for doing the same is through strengthening the institution, ensuring equity approaches and transformation support. This is good news for the students of Zimbabwe wherein in the near future, they will further improve the education system.

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