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Makhadzi apologises

Singer Makhadzi has spoken out about the viral video in which she is seen pushing her dancer off stage during a performance.

The Ghahama hitmaker had many of her fans shocked after they witnessed the viral video.

During a Facebook live following the uproar, Makhadzi apologised to her fans for pushing her dancer off the stage, and also explained it was not intentional.

She explained that she did not push her dancer off stage, but simply wanted to move her out of the way, and things just didn’t go according to plan.

“I’m sorry to those who felt otherwise about that video. I really, really feel sorry for the lady as well, but she is okay. It’s just that when I see something like that trending, I must also come and apologise to those people.

“I’m saying sorry for that video, unfortunately,” she said.

The award-winning singer also apologised to her dancer and her fans and assured them that the dancer was fine.

“It was not intentional that I was trying to hurt her; I was trying to move her from behind my back to come to the front of the stage. So that she cannot pour water on the stage,” she explained.

Makhadzi gave her fans an account of what exactly happened during her performance, and why she pushed the dancer.

“We were performing my Yellow bone song, so you know there is a part where we say ‘cheers to life, champopo’, so we must bring the party; you must see that we are vibing because the song is vibing as well.”

Makhadzi explained that had the stage been too wet, they would have been unable to continue performing as it would have been too wet.

“I saw that she wanted to pour water on the stage — unfortunately if she had poured water on stage, we wouldn’t have been able to continue performing because the stage would have become slippery,” she said.

At least the singer has set the record straight and fans can rest on the speculation, if such a thing is even possible. — iol.

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