Govt to intensify indigenisation — Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe said today his government will pursue with renewed vigour indigenisation of the economy and make parastatal heads to sign performance related contracts.

Report by Paidamoyo Muzulu

Vice-President Joice Mujuru arriving at the official opening of parliament.

Vice-President Joice Mujuru arriving at the official opening of parliament.

Mugabe made the remarks in his official opening statement that was delivered to a house full of Zanu PF legislators after MDC-T members boycotted the event.

The speech reinforced his campaign manifesto that was hinged on indigenisation and economic revival of industries.

“Implementation of the country’s indigenisation and economic empowerment laws is to be pursued with renewed vigour,” Mugabe said, “This is in order to ensure that our people become significant stakeholders and not bystanders in the running of the national economy.”

President Mugabe after inspecting the guard of honour.

President Mugabe inspects the guard of honour.

Mugabe said the government will also revamp the ailing parastatals into high performance and competitive entities since they have the capability to contribute 40% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“To reinforce this thrust, heads of all parastatals and local authorities will henceforth be required to sign performance contracts and adopt the Results Based Management approach in order to engender accountability for results and ensure efficient service delivery,” he said.

President Mugabe arriving in his customary black Rolls Royce.

President Mugabe arriving in his customary black Rolls Royce.

Mugabe tabled over 26 Bills for consideration in parliament during this session. Among the bills to be brought to the house are Land Commission Bill, Consumer Protection Bill, Zimbabwe Quality Standards and Regulatory Authority Bill, Border Posts Authority Bill, Mines and Minerals Bill and National Prosecution Authority Bill.

Land Commission Bill will give legal underpinning to the establishment of the Zimbabwe Land Commission. Consumer Protection Bill and Zimbabwe Quality Standards Regulatory Authority Bill seek to protect the rights of consumers and to foster fair trade.

The Border Posts authority Bill will facilitate the efficient movement of all forms of traffic at the country’s border posts and another bill to facilitate the takeover of collection of toll fees from Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) by Zimbabwe National Roads (Zinara) Administration.

Mines and Minerals Bill is intended to boost mineral development and maximise benefits accruing to the country from its rich and diverse mineral endowment.

The National Prosecution Authority Bill will make it possible for the independent body (NPA) to take over functions previously performed by the Criminal Division of the Attorney General’s Office.

3 thoughts on “Govt to intensify indigenisation — Mugabe”

  1. Munda Murimu says:

    like that he is preaching a more pragmatic indeginisation, wish they could make it 40% local as a minimum so that the original entrepreneur still has a majority stake in his own business

  2. What’s with the old man these days, he seems to speak his mind quiet a lot on a variety of issues? First in Lilongwe he was urging compulsory HIV testing. Then he appeared mocking his fellow Gushungo clanman, Chiyangwa achinzi anovhaira asi akakundwa pasarudzo. Then he jumped onto encouraging castration of rapist. After that the President appeared questioning how urban dwellers survive on their low wages while claiming that he pays his farm workers $500. Where is he going with all these topics he is raising?

  3. Jedster says:

    Still driving his ‘British’ car to parliament…. just amazing… loves the Colonial trappings does he not

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