MPs, councillors’ call of duty to develop Zim

It is time to challenge the belief that development is reserved only for those aligned with certain political ideologies.

AS Zimbabweans recently witnessed the swearing-in of Members of Parliament (MPs) and councillors, it is a moment to reflect on the critical role these representatives play in the nation's development.

These individuals have been elected by the people, entrusted with the responsibility of serving their communities and driving progress. Yet, all too often, the political landscape in Zimbabwe has been marred by partisan conflicts and self-interest, hindering the country's advancement.

It is high time for MPs and councillors to put aside political agendas, hate speeches and speak with one voice for the betterment of the nation.

MPs and councillors are not just trustees for their constituents, they are delegates of the people, chosen to advocate for the needs and aspirations of their communities.

Their mandate is clear to work tirelessly in the service of the nation. The current state of Zimbabwe's cities, and growth points are plagued by water shortages and garbage collection problems and is a testament to the dire consequences of prioritising politics over progress.

It is incumbent upon these representatives to prioritise the welfare of their constituents and to work collectively for the greater good.

Beyond their immediate constituencies, MPs have a critical role in shaping legislation and advising ministries on relevant economic and social matters.

The deteriorating state of Zimbabwe's roads, with pervasive potholes resembling swimming pools, is a glaring issue that requires their attention.

Their duty extends to addressing these infrastructure challenges for the benefit of the entire nation. The time for action is now.

According to Zimbabwe's constitution, MPs have a fundamental role in aiding ministries to promote economic development. However, it is disheartening to witness that corruption and self-serving interests have eroded the nation's resources and wealth over time.

The newly sworn-in MPs and councillors must stand as beacons of change, unwavering in their commitment to the nation's development and actively combat corruption to restore faith in governance.

Zimbabwe possesses abundant resources, both natural and human. However, these resources remain untapped, primarily due to a long-standing system that prioritises political gain over public welfare at the expense of the future generation. The political system has promoted greediness collective abuse of land, minerals forcing the powerless to suffer and succumb to poverty.

From an analyst point of view, I implore MPs to critically assess their situation and commit to breaking free from this cycle and harness sustainable development for their constituencies and self actualisation.

As the nation anticipates the formation of a legitimate government and the appointment of responsible ministers, a policy-oriented approach is imperative. Ministers should collaborate closely with MPs and councillors, allocating resources fairly without being swayed by political affiliations.

It is time to challenge the belief that development is reserved only for those aligned with certain political ideologies.

The critical question at hand is whether development should be confined to specific political ideologies, as has been the case in the past, where the ruling party MPs and councillors seemed to be the sole beneficiaries.

Often, their concerns were given priority at the expense of the broader public interest. Policies and initiatives must be crafted with the welfare of the public in mind rather than serving narrow political agendas.

It is time for Zimbabweans to unite and channel their collective energy toward rebuilding the nation as a whole, transcending the boundaries of political parties. MPs and councillors must set aside their political differences, recognising that their primary duty is to serve the nation and its citizens, ensuring that development benefits everyone, not just a select few.

In conclusion, the swearing-in of MPs and councillors marks a significant moment in Zimbabwe's political landscape turning the page on a history of political strife and partisan interests. These representatives have a vital role to play in the nation's development. It is essential for them to prioritise unity, service, and effective governance.

The path ahead is challenging, but with a commitment to collaboration and progress, Zimbabwe can embark on a journey toward a brighter future. The time for a new, democratic Zimbabwe is on the horizon, and it is up to our representatives to lead the way towards a dependable, sustainable economy.

  • Ngezi is a writer based in Canada. He is a policy analyst with the government of Alberta and has vast experience in public policy, economics and politics.


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