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Emotional intelligence imperative in supply chain management (I)

Procurement personnel are expected to situate their thought processes in the personal circumstances of those suppliers they negotiate with.
By Charles Nyika Mar. 22, 2024

Cost to serve analysis: The holy grail of profitability (11)

The total cost to serve distribution expenses should, therefore, be considered before increasing the clock speed of a supply chain.
By Charles Nyika Apr. 12, 2024

Increased focus on supplier diversity is the way to go

The rapidly changing demographics has also significantly changed the homogeneous market that we have always been accustomed to over the years.
By Charles Nyika Apr. 26, 2024

Unpacking hidden value of talent management in supply chain (I)

Instead of treating it as a one-time event, talent management should be regarded as a continuous business process.
By Charles Nyika May. 3, 2024

Contract management as a critical success factor in supply chains (II)

Contracts will form the basis upon which audits or risk assessments are carried out
By Charles Nyika May. 25, 2024

Business continuity plans as beacons of resilience, stability in supply chain

Supply chains are also susceptible to computer network and hardware failures and can lead to data loss.
By Charles Nyika May. 31, 2024

With open contracting, everyone sees everything

At such magnitude of spending, even the smallest improvement in procurement will inevitably result in vast gains for the taxpayer’s money.
By Charles Nyika Jun. 7, 2024

Pathway to supply chain management excellence

There is need to maintain a hell copter view and a glass pipe-line view of the supply chain network at every turn along the way.
By Charles Nyika Jun. 21, 2024

Supply chain visibility can change profitability equation

The supply chain is subjected to varying tariffs, trade agreements and varied government regulations across different international markets.
By Charles Nyika Jun. 28, 2024