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Editor's Memo : Clean up procurement corruption

Taxpayers deserve answers from the executive.
By Brian Chitemba Sep. 2, 2022

Power cuts: Zesa sleeping on duty

EUROPE is reeling under an immense power crisis
By Brian Chitemba Sep. 16, 2022

RBZ raids banks, firms

The objective of the on-site post auction validations is to account for auction funds utilisation so as to confirm receipt of value in the country.
By Brian Chitemba Sep. 23, 2022

Editor’s Memo: Chiri reports: Get the job done

Chiri, in her 2021 report, said Zacc should submit statutory returns to promote transparency and accountability.
By Brian Chitemba Sep. 30, 2022

Editor's Memo: Dismantle Zanu PF elite cohesion

Those who have come of age, physically and politically, must be given less taxing roles.
By Brian Chitemba Oct. 7, 2022

Overhaul incompetent civil service

The approach by some government employees rubbishes Mnangagwa’s “Zimbabwe is open for business” mantra. 
By Brian Chitemba Oct. 14, 2022

Editor's memo: Gukurahundi: Time for restorative justice

The chief perpetrator, the late former president Robert Mugabe brutally silenced those who dared to remind him of the Gukurahundi massacres.
By Brian Chitemba Oct. 21, 2022

Editor’s Memo : Whither tenders scam probe?

Government was forced to halt payments to some contractors. Goods and services were unjustly overpriced.
By Brian Chitemba Oct. 28, 2022

Stop depriving poor people

Chinese entities are already in firm control of lithium mines.
By Brian Chitemba Nov. 11, 2022

Editor's memo: We demand more free Press

The threats against journalists are increasing and it’s worrying.
By Brian Chitemba Nov. 18, 2022

Editor's memo: The curse of rising poverty

The government has battled to contain economic pressure, scoring successes and failures.
By Brian Chitemba Nov. 25, 2022

Loans, corruption and politics

Oxford and other Ivy League universities, the Zanu PF old guard, have once again, adopted unorthodox means of political survival.
By Brian Chitemba Dec. 2, 2022

Candid Comment: Power cuts biggest setback to development

Energy and Power Development minister Zhemu Soda has failed to calm market jitters.
By Brian Chitemba Dec. 9, 2022