The need for more high-quality jobs

The low-quality jobs that are prevalent in the country concurrently reflect high levels of national poverty.
By Kevin Tutani Jul. 12, 2024

Bulawayo, Midlands record surge in crime

ZimStat acting director-general Aluwisio Mukavhi said more than 200 000 offences were committed in the first three months of the year.
By Patricia Sibanda Jun. 30, 2024

ZimStat recruits 189 for economic census enumeration

The development is meant to enumerate all business establishments in Zimbabwe and shape economic policies.
By Margaret Lubinda Jun. 25, 2024

CBZ gets US$80m shot in the arm from Afreximbank to boost exports

The deal comes as a welcome relief for Zimbabwean traders, who have grappled with limited access to US dollars,
By Ndamu Sandu Jun. 13, 2024

Criminal activities surge across Zim

ZimStat said there were 38 042 cases of theft recorded in the first quarter, indicating a rate of 250,6 per 100 000 people.
By Priviledge Gumbodete Jun. 11, 2024

Feature: A day in the life of Harare vendors

Disappointment troubles her eyes, a stark contrast with  the vibrant red colour of the fruit. This is not an ideal solution, but it is the only one she has.
By Evans Mathanda Jun. 4, 2024

Muckracker: The Second Republic’s phantom jobs

Last week, he was showing off his new baby, the US$7 million mansion in Harare’s Shawasha suburb on social media.
By Muckracker May. 24, 2024

Village Rhapsody: Rural girls deserve better: Challenging harmful cultural practices

The idyllic image of rural life often overlooks the harsh realities faced by its most vulnerable residents; girls.
By Gary Gerald Mtombeni May. 19, 2024

ZiG requires bold measures to succeed

The veteran banker said he would not “do anyone’s job” referring to the quasi-fiscal operations that have haunted previous central bank governors.
By Newsday Apr. 6, 2024