News in depth: Zimbabweans sceptical about country’s latest currency as it remains in short supply

The shortage also makes it difficult for people to make change on smaller transactions, leading prices to be rounded up to the nearest US dollar.
By Linda Mujuru 9h ago

Mashonaland East’s sweet beekeeping business for girls

AWARFA-N was launched in Zimbabwe in 2021, which at the time was the third country where the network launched in Africa after Ghana and Zambia.
By Ropafadzo Makosi 9h ago

Village Rhapsody: Zacc’s failure is a betrayal of Zimbabweans’ trust

Chivayo has not only evaded justice, but has even managed to expand his business empire, securing new lucrative deals with the government.

Mboma leaves ZNSSA house burning

He formed the Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters in the early 2000s along with the late Black Rhinos Football Club supremo Coleman Majaya.
By Michael Kariati 9h ago

Politicisation of food aid and agriculture inputs rampant

Other violations include unlawful detention, theft, displacement and malicious damage to property.

Arts conference to explore arts in mental health advocacy

The conference will centre on exploring the use of digital theatre arts and media practices in promoting good mental and physical health in Zimbabwe.
By Nyasha Gorogodo 9h ago

EditorialComment: Don’t cover up Chivayo scandal

In its response where it denied any relationship with the trio, Zec left us with more questions than answers.
By The Standard 9h ago

Letter to my people: Goats will be used to shield the son from justice

Could this be the real reason for the sudden interest by the usually toothless Zacc to investigate this garrulous ex-convict?  
By Doctor Stop It 9h ago

MPs demand answers over US$88m goat scandal

A Zacc internal report revealed that the pair spent the millions on a bling lifestyle buying expensive top of the range vehicles and luxurious houses.
By Kenneth Nyangani 9h ago