Zimra tightens screws on businesses

The measures also target small businesses and individuals running flea markets, tuckshops, street vendors and hawkers among others.
By Sydney Kawadza Jan. 4, 2024

Tuckshops running shadow economy: Nyoni

Informal traders have often been accused of fuelling the black market. Currently the US$1 is trading against $5,668 on the official market but is at $7500 on the black market.
By Donald Nyandoro and Ropafadzo Makosi Oct. 24, 2023

Tuck shops: Rise of the grey economy in Zim

The formal retailer, in compliance with the laws of the land, is compelled to use the official interbank rate in coming up with a listed price of US$1,15.
By Raymond Mukosi Oct. 20, 2023

How long is a piece of string?

The means of measurement may not take into consideration other important factors. Determining a school’s status on results is equally flawed.
By Tim Middleton Jun. 25, 2023

Feature: When beekeeping becomes a livelihood

Patsika also does not have a proper selling place for his honey and his makeshift tuckshop has been demolished several times by the Chitungwiza municipal police.
By Admire Jamu-mlambo Apr. 19, 2023