2023: The arts year in retrospect

 Afro-pop musician Garikai “Garry” Mapanzure died in October after sustaining injuries in an accident that occurred along the Beitbridge-Masvingo Highway.
By Sindiso Dube and Nyasha Gorogodo and Emmanuel Moyo Dec. 31, 2023

Ricky Fire ‘disowns’ Chamisa

In a public statement, he has emphasised his desire to remain independent and focus solely on his music.
By Sindiso Dube Dec. 17, 2023

ZANU PF gifts praise singers with cars

Reports say Holy Ten, Kikky Badass and Ricky Fire are some of the artistes who were gifted with luxurious cars as tokens of appreciation.
By Style Reporter Sep. 3, 2023

ED sons ‘grab’ local showbiz

Ricky Fire went on to produce a song dubbed Kudya Yellow, which features the party’s leader Nelson Chamisa on the chorus.
By Sindiso Dube Aug. 20, 2023