Chivayo’s Zec tender miffs Chamisa

Zanu PF youths said they were not happy that Chivayo was abusing his proximity to the President and called for an investigation into his conduct.

Zimbabwe needs you, stand up and be counted

The opposition must be a coming together of the bold, virtuous and visionary among us and not a congregation of the brave, inept and unprincipled.
By Trevor Ncube Jun. 13, 2024

Mnangagwa’s Zambia gaffe draws scorn

Zanu PF accused Hichilema of bankrolling Citizens Coalition for Change’s then leader Nelson Chamisa, who was Mnangagwa’s main challenger in the polls.
By Sharon Sibindi Jun. 9, 2024

Chamisa should move on: Analysts

The former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader has been pinning hopes on Sadc after he rejected the August 2023 elections as rigged in favour of Zanu PF.
By Brent Shamu May. 30, 2024

Chamisa spurns calls for protests...says Zim too beautiful to be destroyed

In the statement, Chamisa said he was in contact with Sadc over the electoral dispute.
By Mirriam Mangwaya May. 27, 2024

CCC names shadow Cabinet

The CCC had refused to accept the 2023 election results saying they were rigged.
By Miriam Mangwaya May. 25, 2024

Zim electorate compound Zanu PF’s mounting right-to-rule dilemma

In the meantime, the face which had been viewed as offering hope for a better political future for Zimbabwe, Nelson Chamisa is sustaining his political crusade on social media.
By Nelson Chenga May. 6, 2024

Journalism in the face of environmental crisis

The media has a crucial role to play in bringing attention to the urgent need for action to address the environmental crisis.
By Golden Maunganidze May. 5, 2024

Beatrice fatal crash: Police name 5 more victims

The pedestrian, driver and a passenger died on the spot, while another passenger sustained injuries and was rushed to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital.
By Richard Farekaye May. 3, 2024