Debt, power and poverty

Africa's debt stock owed to external creditors as at year 2021 stood at US$644,9 billion, a significant rise from US$443 billion in 2013.
By Matthew Garaviro Nyashanu Sep. 15, 2023

The ‘Nairobi declaration’ brings Africa Climate Summit to a close

Climate adaptation is the main emphasis of the Bank's commitment to combating climate change, which it is advocating during the summit.
By Enos Denhere Sep. 15, 2023

Key economic priorities for new govt

Thus, the new government needs policy clarity on whether to save the local currency and maintain the multiple currency regime or adopt the US dollar.
By Victor Bhoroma Sep. 8, 2023

Dealing with financial stress

Without proper mental healthcare, a person’s life may be impaired.
By Jessie Mhaka Aug. 18, 2023

Zim makes headway on debt clearance

Zimbabwe’s total consolidated debt amounts to US$17,5 billion. Debt owed to international creditors stands at US$14,04 billion, while domestic debt comes to US$3,4 billion.
By Melody Chikono and Belinda Chiroodza Aug. 18, 2023

Zim economy: Research firm predicts moderate growth

This is despite authorities projecting that the economy will grow by 5,3% in 2023, notably higher than projections of both the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB).
By Melody Chikono Aug. 18, 2023

Russia-Africa partnership: Who totally wins, what?

 By all means, Africa needs Moscow and Beijing’s support, if the reformation of these organizations is going to be achieved.
By Kevin Tutani Aug. 4, 2023

Govt fumes at IMF over ‘abandoned’ SMP

“When Zimbabwe plunged into hyperinflation (from 2019), the IMF team just left Zimbabwe and never came back,” an official said.
By Sydney Kawadza and Tinashe Makichi Jul. 28, 2023

Why Zim must join debt framework

Using International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates of a US$105 trillion global GDP, a debt to GDP ratio of 290% is deduced from these numbers.
By Kevin Tutani Jul. 21, 2023