Currency crisis cripples women’s savings clubs

Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency put Zimbabwe’s annual inflation rates at triple digits, with inflation rising 175.8% in June from 86.5% the previous month.
By Ignatius Banda Jul. 2, 2023

Zim economic outlook (I)

According to Bloomberg’s 2023 compilation of global economic outlook reports, no other year has had such high expectations for a recession like this year.
By Tafara Mtutu Jan. 6, 2023

US dollar use becoming more pronounced

The continuous decline of month-on-moth inflation to a single digit in the past three months entails relative price stability in the economy.

Ncube fixates on inflation fight..… as fiscal pain gets worse for majority

The annual inflation rate was estimated at 268% last month.
By Shame Makoshori Nov. 25, 2022

Strong prospects for resurgence run into the sand

The bulk of handicaps confronting Zimbabwe’s economy are internal, according to a report by advisory firm Morgan&Co.
By Shame Makoshori Sep. 7, 2022