In Conversation With Trevor: Chikandiwa: Nation building starts at home

 My time is always occupied because you know there are many things that I have to do.
By In Conversation With Trevor Apr. 21, 2024

I have learnt from failure, says Siso

Siso (GS) made the revelation on the platform In Conversation with Trevor, which is hosted by Alpha Media Holdings chairman Trevor Ncube (TN).
By In Conversation With Trevor Apr. 14, 2024

Island Hospice looks beyond donors

Island Hospice and Healthcare executive director Mudiwa Ashley Mundawarara says the organisation is trying to expand its sources of income because foreign aid has gone down significantly.
By In Conversation With Trevor Mar. 10, 2024

In Conversation With Trevor: Sikhala: Prison stint hardened me

I was thrown into  solitary confinement,  21/2-metre by one metre prison cell where I endured the whole long stay by myself in that prison.
By In Conversation With Trevor Feb. 25, 2024

Trevor Ncube: I thought I would be a lawyer

I missed law by one point, and I was absolutely heartbroken because I wanted to be a lawyer.
By In Conversation With Trevor Jan. 7, 2024

Exploring Zimbabwe’s start-ups ecosystem

It the inaugural In Conversation with Trevor Ideas Festival held in Nyanga AMH chairman Trevor Ncube led a panel discussion featuring founders of start-ups in Zimbabwe.
By In Conversation With Trevor Dec. 17, 2023

Tshabangu absolves Zanu PF on recalls

Tshabangu said he recalled CCC legislators and councillors to clean up the mess in the party which made it lose the August 2023 general elections.
By Donald Nyandoro Dec. 5, 2023

Timburwa: I started gambling at 13

Entreprenuer Shakemore Wellington Timburwa says he was thrust into the business world at a young age to supplement his single mother’s income.
By In Conversation With Trevor Dec. 3, 2023